JayCom Event Management brings you the
Versus AutoX Event

JayCom Event Management is putting on this NO WORK AutoX practice event with the "Versus" side competition. All safe AutoX cars are invited to register (not limited to the Versus cars). Proceeds from this event will be going to charity.

The "Versus" underlying event is a subjective competition between two selected marquees. The two targeted marquees will be given incentive for entry. The judging will end around noon and a winning marquee announced. No prizes of value are expected, but the winning marquee will be invited to return as a featured marquee to next Versus event to take on a new group. See details below.

	 Registration Link: Oct 28th, 2017 at AAA Speedway Suite Lot (Fontana, Ca)

Pre-Registration Entry Fees:
      $60/entry (group discounts available), $10 discount for Versus cars:
            Any S2000
            American Muscle (Big 3, RWD, V8, V6, T4)

      Day of entries will be +$15

      SCCA memberships are required, weekend memberships are available on site for $10.

Tech and Reg open at 8am
Walking 7am-8:30
First car off at 9:00
Winning Marquee Announced at approx 12:00pm

The day will be entirely "Practice Runs", i.e. times displayed, but not recorded. Run groups will be assigned at check in. Depending on number of active drivers run groups will be combined or split to keep lap intervals reasonable. There will be a one hour lunch at approximately noon and a targeted end time of 4pm.

Expect about a 35 second course and 16+ runs. Entry limited to 60 drivers.

The Versus Competition: This is concept by the fellows of JayCom (bringing you awesomeness for 11 years now!). We will be giving two specific marquees an incentive to this AutoX practice. All the cars from those two marquees will be pitted against each other in the Versus Competition on race day. The drivers in the Versus competition do not have to do anything different than non-Versus drivers. At lunch judges will announce a marquee winner.

All Versus Competition judging will be completely subjective and done by the course workers. The judging will be based on at least
            Number of Marquee cars attending
            AutoX Course Speed
            Awsomeness of appearance
            Lack of AutoX Cone Collecting
            And of course bribes offered to the course workers (water, food, rider alongs...)

The Judges/Course workers will confer at lunch and the winning marquee will be announced as soon as possible.

      Who can enter?
            Anyone can enter, but only the targeted marquees will be offered the incentives and be judged.

      Why is JayCom doing this?
            Because we watch cars go in circles A LOT, and want to bring a little excitement to our lives. We're also looking to "Rotate the crops" to get a variety of drivers and cars to try our events.

      How do we win?
            #1, don't be an ass and don't let your buddies be asses. That will lose you points with the judges. This means, don't hit excessive cones, don't drive overly aggressive, don't give officials/course workers a hard time. Do bring lots of drivers, do go fast, do offer up rides, i.e., Be Cool.

      What cool stuff do we win?
            #You must be new here. We have nothing of value to give away, but part of the Versus concept is the marquee winner is invited to play again at the next Versus event as a featured marquee.

Bring your lunch and lots of water. Even if its not hot it is still very dry.

This event is held under SCCA Rules. Vehicles must pass safety inspection. Helmets (Snell M2005 or newer) required, limited loaners are available.

All drivers are expected to behave appropriately and take direction from the Safety Steward and other event officials. This is only a practice event, so extra avoidance of cones will be appreciated by the full time course workers. Inappropriate driving or excessive cone collecting will be addressed and if not corrected will lead to exclusion from further runs. We're all here to be safe and have fun, please play nice.

For questions, please e-mail Jayson at woodrufj@jaycomservices.com, or call at 714-328-7869.