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JayCom Services provides equipment, personnel and logistical support
for grass roots level motorsport events.

Link to Upcoming Versus AutoX, Oct 28th Fontana


JayCom Services Calendar

Events managed are arrive and drives, AutoXes, RallyXes, Demo courses, etc.

JayCom Services has three enthusiastic regular employees who are motorsport enthusiasts and can handle most events needs. For specialty services, we have a large pool of 'Motorhead Friends' to draw on for man power.

JayCom Services is also always working on new equipment and services. Currently in work are inexpensive large format displays and event liability insurance to protect venue owners and event promoters.

Some of the equipment for event use includes:

  • Headquarter Vehicle (E350 Cargo Van)
  • Course defining equipment (Chalk, flags and lots and lots of cones)
  • Safety Vests
  • Loaner Helmets
  • Public Address Equipment
  • Timing Equipment (w/ large format display)
  • Scoring Computers and Printers
  • Tables, coolers and tents
  • Drag Style Lights (in developement)

Since the range of capable events and services is very large, so is our pricing structure. Minimal equipment rental will run $100, and can top out at several thousand per day for a full AutoX with army of workers. Our most common product is a timing only autox for about $500/day. JayCom Services provides all the equipment needed for a smooth event and personnel to manage that equipment while the customer provides volunteer course workers.

Current and past customers include SpeedVentures, Mini Owners of LA, SCCA CalClub, SCCA San Diego, Evolution AutoX School, California Rally Series, Hotchkis, Yamaha, Toyota, Saleen, Jet Hot, and a host of others.

JayCom Services has supported over 200 events over the last 10years. Our staff is very knowledgeable about what goes into a good event, so if you need advice or referrals for your motorsport event, we're always happy to help.

If you need to rent equipment or are seeking some advice, please e-mail Jayson at, or call at 714-328-7869.

Upcoming Events
    Triumphest AutoX Sept 22
    SpeedVentures AutoX Oct 7-8
    SubieFest AutoX Oct 15
    Versus AutoX Oct 28
    Evo AutoX School Oct 29
    SpeedVentures AutoX Nov 4-5
    SpeedVentures AutoX Dec 2-3
    Glen Helen RallyX Champ #5 Dec 9
    Glen Helen RallyX Christmas Special Dec 9(night)-10