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RallyCross is often described as "autocross-on-dirt", another good description is "performance rally, shrunk". Course design is similar to autocross, focusing on driver skill and car handling, rather than speed and horsepower. Several laps are taken through the pylon defined route, but unlike autocross and more reminiscent of performance rally, every course lap is added as your cumulative time. Penalties for displacing cones are the familiar "plus 2 seconds", but there are gate penalties of 10 seconds rather than being issued a DNF.

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2017 Upcoming Events! (Linked to registration when opens)

For a $10 donation, reserve you car number for all 2017 events!

April 1st - Glen Helen RallyX Practice
April 2nd - Glen Helen RallyX #1

Sunday May 7th - Ridgecrest RallyX

Saturday May 20th - Johnson Vally EnduroRallyX

June 17th-18th - Glen Helen RallyX #2 & #3

September 2nd - Glen Helen RallyX Practice
September 3rd - Glen Helen RallyX #4

December 9th - Glen Helen RallyX #5
December 9th-10th - Glen Helen Christmas RallyX (Dec 9 Day, Dec 9 Night, Dec Morning)

Pending - Tarmac RallyX