Welcome to the Snow Valley Tarmac RallyX
Brought to us by Porterfield Racing Brakes and Rally Innovations

CalClub Solo group and JayCom Event Management are partnering up for this NO WORK Tarmac RallyX special event. Climb the hill and escape the heat to one of the the highest AutoX in California (and maybe the world). This AutoX is being held at the Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs at 6,800ft. Just a couple miles from awesome biking/hiking and the friendly Big Bear Village.

No dates available for 2017

Registration Fees:
$60/entry for SCCA Members
$70/entry for Non-SCCA Members
$80/entry for On-Site Registration
SCCA weekend memberships included in non-member and walk up fees.

What is a Tarmac RallyX?!?
The Tarmac RallyX is a new concept by JayCom Services that blends elements from both AutoX and RallyX. The Tarmac RallyX will be ran on the paved, but low traction surface of Snow Valley, we will be attempting to incorporate a small portion of smooth dirt as well (pending).

What's an appropriate car for the Tarmac RallyX?
Most stock and mild street suspension will be appropriate. Closed cars only, including convertibles with hardtop in place. High center of gravity vehicles (SUVs, trucks, "tall" cars) will not pass tech (contact if questionable). It is not recommended for cars highly turned for pavement (Very stiff/low, i.e. fully preped ST cars and beyond).

How's the scoring work for the Tarmac RallyX?
Scoring and classes will be "RallyX" style. Which means, entirely cumulative. Eight total scored runs will be the target over two run sessions. Displaced cones are +2sec, Off Course/missed gate ("DNF" in solo terms) is +10sec. All runs and penalties add up to a driver's final score. Classes will be the RallyX style; Stock 2WD, Stock 4WD, Prep 2WD, Prep 4WD, Mod 2WD and Mod 4WD, subject to change based on entries.

Tech and Reg open at 8am
Walking 7am-8:30
First car off at 9:00
Group 1 - Session 1
Group 2 - Session 1
Group 1 - Session 2
Group 2 - Session 2
Awards and Lunch Break
Fun Runs

Medals will be presented during the lunch break (medal counts based on participation).

Expect about a 45 second course and 12+ runs. Entry limited to 60 drivers.

Bring your lunch and lots of water. It may not be Fontana's 105F, but its still very dry.

For questions, please e-mail Jayson at woodrufj@jaycomservices.com, or call at 714-328-7869.