Enduro RallyX Club Meeting, Johnson Valley

Johnson Valley is the off highway vehicle park located near the city of Lucerne Valley. Events are primarily ran on various parts of Soggy Dry Lake.

The Johnson Valley venue's dry lake is very large and sparsely used. Courses can be freely designed in the space. The Johnson Valley surface does not get rutted or dangerous, although the dirt becomes very soft. Visually impairing dust can result and cars get very dusted. The site is very secluded with no local food or water service. It is accessible by repair and emergency personnel if necessary.

Directions to Soggy Lake, Johnson Valley: From LA area, 15 North to Bear Valley Rd. Right on Hwy 18. Continue straight through Lucerne Valley as road becomes Hwy 247/Old Woman Springs. Continue approximately 13miles to Bessemer Mine Rd (dirt) and turn left. Follow dirt road for 3miles, the clearing for Soggy Lake is on the left.

From the North, take 15 South or 40 West to Barstow Rd. Drive south on Barstow Rd to Lucerne Valley. Turn left on Hwy 247/Old Woman Springs and follow the directions above.

From the East, take 10 West to hwy 62 East. Follow road to Yucca Valley and turn left on Hwy 247/Old Woman Springs. Continue approximately 32miles to Bessemer Mine Rd (Dirt) and turn right. Follow directions above.

2017 Upcoming Events! (Linked to registration when opens)

Saturday May 20th - Johnson Valley EnduroRallyX Club Meeting