Johnson Valley Enduro RallyX Supplemental Rules

The Safety Steward of record has final say in all safety related issues.

All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell 2000 or better helmet.

Cars must pass a safety (tech) inspection before being allowed on course. If the Event Chairman after consultation with the Event Safety Steward determines at his discretion that a vehicle cannot safely negotiate the course, it may be excluded.

Course is subject to immediate change if degradation is determined to cause a safety concern.

Speed limit is 5mph in the paddock. Outside of the venue, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a speed limit of 15mph when within 50ft of a people group.

Please be aware that this is a fairly isolated location with limited emergency access. Some cell phone services have been determined to work and the event management will have working communications. Local medical and security response organizations have been made aware of the event dates as well as the exact location. If a medical or security issue should occur, whether related to the RallyX or not, notify the Event Management to ascertain the problem.

Bring lots of drinking water. Even when it's not hot, it is very dry and easy to get dehydrated. Recommended water supply is 1gallon/person/day.

Photographers must stay within a normal spectator area unless given specific permission by the Event Chair or Safety Steward. Permission will at least require a spotter to accompany the photographer.

Scoring and Prizes
We will be targeting a 25 to 30minute run per entry. Drivers will be given a scheduled start time. The driver will repeat the course circuit until 25minutes has expired. At that time the driver will complete the partial lap at speed and continue on for a final lap.

A driver's score is determined by total number of laps completed. The total time for the partial lap and final lap is used as a tie breaker (residual time). For example a driver completes 15.5 laps at expiration of 25minutes, it then took 40seconds to complete the partial lap and 100seconds to complete a final lap. The score would be 17Laps + 140seconds. Largest number of laps wins with residual time being a tie breaker.

A 1 lap penalty will be given if a course pylon is significantly upset. A 2 lap penalty will be given for each missed gate or off course. Starting before receiving signal from the started will be a 1 lap penalty.


Unless otherwise noted passengers (navigators) will be allowed unrestricted. Passengers must be at least 12 years old

ATVs, Mountain Bikes, etc
Personal vehicles of these types are not allowed in the grid area and can only be operated on course with the permission of event management. These personal vehicles are allowed in the paddock and outside of the event area, however extreme caution should be used in their operation. Per the rules of the site (Bureau of Land Management) ATV riders must wear a helmet, and passengers are not allowed. We will be enforcing the BLM site rules.

Protection of the indigenous wildlife is top priority. Harassment or interference with any of the wildlife is strictly forbidden. This includes the destruction of plant life. The Desert Tortoise is a federally protected animal. If a Desert Tortoise is spotted, the event management is to be informed immediately. See the BLM's notice on the Desert Tortoise here. The BLM encourages the use of propylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolant (any coolant which is ethyene glycol-free) in all vehicles, for the prevention of the accidental poisoning of desert wildlife. See the BLM's notice on the Propylene Glycol Antifreeze/Coolant here.

Camping and Other Land Rules
Primitive camping is allowed anywhere within the OHV boundaries for up to 14days. Using pallets for firewood is strictly prohibited. Firewood containing nails, screws, or other metal is prohibited in all OHV areas (43 CFR 8365.1-6). All fires must be completely extinguished prior to leaving the area. Fireworks are illegal on the public lands and are strictly prohibited. Proper registration or out-of-state permit is required on all Vehicles. There is a speed limit of 15mph when within 50ft of a people group.

Event Chair: Jayson Woodruff, 714-328-7869
Desert Tortoise Contact Representative: Jayson Woodruff