Glen Helen RallyX Events Supplemental Rules

JayCom's RallyX events at Glen Helen are sanctioned by the SCCA. These events are held under the SCCA RallyX Rules and the following Supplemental Regulations.

The Safety Steward of record has final say in all safety related issues.

All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell 2005 or better helmet.

Cars must pass a safety (tech) inspection before being allowed on course. If the Event Chairman after consultation with the Event Safety Steward determines at his discretion that a vehicle cannot safely negotiate the course, it may be excluded.

Course is subject to immediate change if degradation is determined to cause a safety concern.

Speed limit is 5mph in the paddock.

Please be aware that this is a fairly isolated location with limited emergency access. Some cell phone services have been determined to work and the event management will have working communications. If a medical or security issue should occur, whether related to the RallyX or not, notify the Event Management to ascertain the problem.

Bring drinking water and food. Establishments are far enough away to make a trip off the site inconvienent.

Photographers must stay within a normal spectator area unless given specific permission by the Event Chair or Safety Steward. Permission will at least require a spotter to accompany the photographer.

Scoring and Prizes
We will be targeting 6 runs per entry.

A 2 second penalty will be given if a course pylon is upset or totally displaced (including post finish cones). A 10 second penalty will be given for each missed gate or off course. Starting before receiving signal from the started will be considered an off course penalty. For a mechanical DNF the driver will be given the slowest competitive time of a driver's normal group +10 seconds. Scored time will be the accumulation of all runs, including penalties. Accumlation of 10 cones over all runs will result in the driver being disqualified from the event, i.e. the driver will not be allowed subsequent runs and will recieve minimum season points for the event.

Top three driver's in each class at each event will be awarded a trophy. Additional trophies will be awarded to 4th, 5th, 6th, etc if class entires reach 12, 15, 18, etc.

The Glen Helen RallyX Series will be a cumulative points class competition. The fastest time in each class shall receive 100. Points for slower time = (fastest/slower time)x500 - 400. The minimum number of points for any entrant shall be 20.00. Competitors must compete in at least half the total events to qualify for series awards. If an entrant competes in more than 4 events in one class, their lowest event scores will be dropped. Points are not transferable between classes. At a minimum the prize pool for each class will be $3/entrant/event. Pay out of 55%, 30%, 15% for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

We will be using the SCCA RallyX classes with some minor modification. There will be seven competition classes combined as such

SCCA RallyCross Rule Book (Class rules start at pg10)

Unless otherwise noted passengers (navigators) will be allowed unrestricted. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and have signed the SCCA waiver. Competitors who have not complete all of their runs can not be a passenger.

ATVs, Mountain Bikes, etc
Personal vehicles of these types are not allowed in the grid area and can only be operated on course with the permission of event management. These personal vehicles are allowed in the paddock and outside of the event area, however extreme caution should be used in their operation.

Camping and Other Land Rules
Primitive camping is allowed in the paddock for the duration of the weekend. No fires are permitted.

Regional Chair: Jayson Woodruff, 714-328-7869